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It isn’t often that you have the privilege of being  joined to a wonderful family through the marriage of your children, but that is exactly what happened when we recently we went to Ohio for my son Michael’s wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony and we had an amazing trip. We have enjoyed visiting with and getting to know the Comstocks. We felt like we had known them for a long time even though we had only met them recently.  They are a terrific family.  We are pleased and excited to welcome Katie Comstock, now Katie Farrar into our family.

A Family Reunion Perspective

As preparations were made for the big day, Katie’s mom and I were often tearful. It was their first child to get married and I was feeling the severing of heart strings as well. It was a busy time of shopping and visiting and preparations. Meanwhile, different family members from both sides continued to come in from  various locations to converge in Ohio. I decided that in order to keep from crying every time certain words or names were mentioned that I would just think of it all as a family reunion. Ohio is an unusual place for our family to hold a reunion, but hey, the perspective kept me from constantly weeping.

We stayed at a nearby campground  in a very nice camper supplied by our hosts. Timothy and Bethany and their clan came from North Carolina and stayed in a camper next to ours. Kenny and Stephanie also came and set up a tent on the other side. Susanna, Grace, and Josh also came, though they didn’t stay at the campground. I was truly happy and in my element with all my kids together. It doesn’t happen often. In a way, it was a Family Reunion.

Rehearsal Dinner for 60

I thought I might write about cooking for everyone while we were at the camp, but that only happened a couple of times and even then not everyone was there. We mostly ate breakfasts there and a couple of lunches and suppers.

We did, however, fix salad for 60 at the rehearsal dinner. I guess everyone who did anything in the wedding and their families were all invited to the rehearsal.

A Lot of Vegetables

I went shopping twice to accomplish this, once at Cotsco and once at Meijers. We had 7 heads of lettuce, a big bag of spinach, 4 or 5 heads of broccoli, a head of cauliflower, 4 colored peppers, 2 lbs. tomatoes, 3 cucumbers, and a pound of shredded carrots. There were also 4 large bottles of salad dressing.

RuthAnn and Jeremiah were my assistant chefs because everyone else was busy with decorations at one of the two churches being used for the wedding and reception. The rehearsal dinner was at a third church!

The three of us got right at it. We cut up so many vegetables that I cleaned the big stainless steel sink at the church and used it as my mixing bowl for putting the salad together. Five large bowls of salad resulted. It was a tremendous sight!

It was not all eaten. I can’t tell you if that was the correct amount for 60 people or not because there were also 15 pizzas, a huge pan of mac and cheese, a huge pan of spinach dip, corn and pita chips. We also had 60 cans of soda  in the cooler. Pam said she likes to make sure she always has enough food.  I honestly think we could have fed all of the wedding guests a couple of times over. There was SO much food. We ate it again the next day before the wedding and at a farewell dinner for Katie and Michael on Sunday afternoon.

The Big Day

Saturday finally came in spite of my not wanting it to, and yet wanting it to. The wedding was beautiful. Very simple. Katie wore her mother’s wedding dress and was an absolute dream in it. Michael of course, was very dashing. The wedding party was beautiful. There were horse drawn carriage rides after the ceremony for the guests while the photographer did her work. John and I took our ride with Katie’s parents.

The reception was very nice. Katie and her dad danced to I Loved Her First. It was so beautiful. I cried through the whole thing. Then Michael and I danced to God Speed, Little Man. Then we ate, danced some more, and just visited for a couple of hours until the bride and groom left. It was a fun, memorable time.

Not a Reunion, but a Union

On Sunday afternoon we had a farewell/congratulations dinner for Michael and Katie before they left for their honeymoon on Monday.  Everyone who was still in town came to the Comstock’s house and we ate….leftovers. There were plenty to feed everyone.

Susanna stopped by to say goodbye. She had to get back to Michigan for work. She came and found Pam and me in the kitchen. After chatting for a few moments she said. “You know, mom said we were all down here for a family reunion. I was thinking about it. We didn’t have a family reunion, we had a Family Union.” And so we did.

Congratulations Michael and Katie. We love you both!

In place of a recipe today, here are some snapshots of some of the highlights of our  Family Union.









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