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Our Baker's Dozen

Our Baker’s Dozen

We are the Farrars, welcome to our kitchen. I’m so glad you are here. I am Jeanine,  the main writer. I am the wife of John and the mother of 13 children. Yes, I said 13. Our Baker’s Dozen. There are no twins, no adoptions, and only one marriage. Yes, they’re all ours. Our 13 wonderful gifts from our Heavenly Father.

Even though we’re down to eight children and two adults left living at home, things can still get a little (or a lot) crazy at our house sometimes. Our kitchen is a special crazy all it’s own. For some reason, most things, or at least a lot of things, wait to happen until they get to the kitchen. It really is the heart of our home. So pull up a chair and stay awhile. Here’s what you can expect while you’re here.

  1. Stories about what’s going on here. There is always something. I keep thinking it will settle down soon, but it doesn’t.
  2. What we are cooking; or learning to cook. This will usually come with a story of why we are cooking whatever it is. It will usually include a recipe or at least instructions of how to do it. I hope you will try many of the things we share. I am a mom class cook, not a world class cook. Most things we share are easy and work well with busy schedules and large families. Most of them are designed to work well with little helpers. I am sure you will be able to make them at least as well as I do.
  3. what we are learning about nutrition and health. Healthy Lives Begin at Home is not just our motto. It is what we truly believe. Each family is responsible for the health of each member as far as they can control it. Sure, we fail a lot and John still loves donuts, (especially fritters), but we are always looking for ways to improve our family’s health, especially through nutrition.
  4. Information and specials about products in our store. We only sell products that we truly believe will help you create the healthiest of foods in your kitchen in the easiest manner. We also strive to help you create young healthy cooks and eaters. If children have good memories of cooking and eating healthy food while growing up, they will be healthy cooks and eaters as adults.

I hope you’ll stay awhile and that you’ll share your stories with us.  I can’t wait to get to know you.

Jeanine (for all of us)

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