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Today I made bread with my daughter Catherine. Though I have taught all of my children to make bread and the art of baking, I was much more consistent having the children learn to do it independently when the older ones were my young ones. Now a new set of young ones are my older ones so we are getting them going with that too. Time passes so quickly. Today we made whole wheat bread, cinnamon bread, and whole wheat hamburger buns.

Baking Hamburger Buns

Hamburger bunsMy daughter Stephanie, who just got married and her husband have invited us over for hamburgers on the grill and to see their new house. Whole wheat hamburger buns from the store are so expensive so I thought I would try making some for the occasion. I haven’t made hamburger buns for a lot of years and was kind of winging it. Plus, right as we got the dough made (we used our regular bread recipe), John asked me to run an errand with him, which ended up taking a few hours. I explained the process to Catherine, told her to do her best, and left. I didn’t know what to expect. She exceeded my expectations and even my hopes. The buns were wonderful. I asked her how she did it. She said, “I just divided the dough like you told me, rolled each piece into a ball and put them on the baking tray. This is how they turned out.” WOW!

Milk in Bread

We used goat’s milk in the cinnamon bread today. We are over run with goat’s milk just now. Milk makes a softer, sweeter bread. We simply warmed the milk slightly on the stove and substituted it for the water. I even dissolved my yeast in milk. I wasn’t sure how it would do, but I fed it with a teaspoon of sugar and it did wonderfully. It was very frothy and all. The bread was amazing. Hubby asked for a sample of it right out of the oven.. before it had time to cool. He gave it a definite approval rating.

Todays baking resultsHere are the results of today’s baking. We made 6 loaves of the whole wheat and 6 of the cinnamon raisin. We also made 18 hamburger buns. This is what is left of it. Warning: Do not start a bread project that you want to photograph and then leave the house to run errands. Your bread project will get eaten!