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It’s My Birthday

This past week was my birthday. I am 52 already. How quickly the years have passed. As I think about my life thus far, I am amazed at how blessed and very rich I am. I am daily surrounded by friends and family who love me and want the very best for me. It doesn’t get better than that. The important things in my life are people and the relationships I have with them. It is not about stuff. Maybe that’s why I have been getting rid of so much clutter in my life. It makes room and time for what is truly important.

Time With Family

Anyway, I had an amazing birthday. We played Dutch Blitz with the children, which is a really fun, fast moving family card game. John bought me a new book on organization. More on that later. And the children living at home all chipped in together and gave me silicone muffin and cake pans, which I can’t wait to use. I haven’t tried any silicone bake ware yet, but I have seen it in so many places.  I guess I’ll be trying that out and blogging on how it performs. If you have silicone bakeware, how do you like it? I’d be interested in knowing how you think it performs. They also gave me a ceramic coated skillet. Oh yes, and here is a picture of the crock pot from Joseph that I forgot to post last week. My new crock pot

Stephanie and Kenny came for dinner. They gave me a purse pouch. A purse pouch, for those of you who don’t know, is a bag that hangs in your vehicle, between the two front seats, and holds your purse so it doesn’t have to sit on the floor when someone is in the passenger seat. Pam Comstock, mom to my new daughter in law, Katie, has one in her vehicle, and she loves it. I am so happy to have one of my own now.  John also took Adeline and me out for lunch, which was really nice. We went to the furniture store afterwards and browsed new furniture, just for fun.

Birthday Phone Calls

I also received birthday phone calls from all of my children living away from home. It was humorous because I would be talking to one and I would get a beep indicating that another one was trying to call me. Then, when I finally would get in touch with that child afterwards, another child would try to call me while that conversation was happening. I did finally get to talk to everyone, including John’s mom and my dad. It was a blessed day and I am thankful to have been blessed with another year. Birthdays are a good time to be thankful for the baker’s dozen children we have been given.

Cleaning/Purging Mode

About the book. I have been in a purging mode of late. First, I really cleaned the living room. All of the extra toys that were constantly a mess went to the basement toy area. I moved Catherine’s desk, which was a clutter collector in the front entry, and put it in the living room. It’s a beautiful desk, you just could never see it because it was always piles of whatever on it. The entry way looks so much better and the desk looks great in the living room.

The Great Abyss

My really big purging project though, was the basement. Our basement is a catch all for all things we don’t want on the main floor or upstairs and it gets messy really often. I go down there and spend a couple days cleaning it every couple of months. It gets overwhelming and I feel like I spend my life managing stuff. Not all of it is junk, necessarily, but just stuff that accumulates over the years.

Out It Goes

I decided to get rid of a bunch of it. It would be nice to say all of it, but that is not realistic. I did make a huge dent in it though. Two weeks in a row I set out multiple extra trash cans full of my castoffs. My trash guy is so great. He just takes it all for me. I also gave some baby things to Stephanie and some to Bethany, kept a small box of supplies for when I get to watch babies here. I got rid of the rest. A van full of things went to Good Will. I organized all of my craft supplies, got rid of tons of old patterns, and threw out two dressers that had broken drawers in them. I got rid of all of the old paint that has been sitting around for years and we cleaned and rearranged the Wii area. Everything looks so nice and I think we will be able to go longer in between big cleanings, because there is so much less stuff and the things that stayed have a more defined spaces. It is truly freeing. I feel so much lighter.

I am also in a thirty day challenge given by Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, to keep my counters completely cleared off when they are not being used and especially before I go to bed at night.

Organize Now!

So, when we went to JoAnn’s on Saturday, John found a book on organizing. He thought I would enjoy it and get some additional inspiration from it. He is always so supportive of whatever my current madness is. Anyway, the book is called Organize Now! by Jennifer Berry. Jennifer has an organizing company in New York where she and her team help families and business get their life and stuff organized. Her book has an organizing project for every week for a year with daily, weekly, and monthly to do lists to help you keep everything up to date. It is very insightful. Somethings, like Organize Your Living Room, I’ll breeze through because I have already tackled them; and some things, like Organize Your Vehicle,  I just really haven’t thought of before as areas to be organized. I am sure to be challenged.

What is your latest project? Let me know in the comments below. Would also love to know if you have read any of Jennifer’s writing and what your take away was.

So, that was my week. And my birthday.

Hope your week was wonderful as well.

Until Next time,




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