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Alright, I am ready to share a second of my favorite soup recipes with you. This one is Butternut Squash Soup. This soup is definitely among the favorite of my favorites.

Butternut squash soupWhy Butternut Squash?

I only discovered butternut squash in my recent adult life, (like in the last 10 or 15 years) and it was like discovering gold. First of all, butternut squash is soo good for you. Did you know  that butternut squash  is a great immune system booster? It helps fight colds and flu and it ripens right when cold season hits full force.

For Your Health’s Sake

Butternut squash is loaded with alpha and beta carotenes. It helps fight cancer and is good for your skin. It is chock full of vitamins and minerals. I could go on a long rampage, but in short, this is next to a miracle food. It is also low in calories and high in fiber.  It’s just good for you.

For Pleasure’s Sake

Butternut squash also tastes amazing. It is very much like pumpkin in taste and texture. In Australia and New Zealand, it is regarded as a  type of pumpkin and used interchangeably. They call it butternut pumpkin. Whatever you call it, it is amazing. There are so many ways to fix butternut squash, but I don’t think any of them are as good as soup.

Makes A Great Soup

Butternut squash has a lovely orange color and a very smooth texture. It is just made to be pureed into luscious,  creamy soup.  I use the blender attachment on my Bosch mixer to puree baked squash and its additional ingredients into a velvety soup. It does such a good job.

Sweet or Savory

There are two basic ways to make butternut squash soup. There are lots of variations on these, but it all comes down to this. First, you can make sweet butternut squash soup with apples, walnuts, pie type spices, and a little sweetener. This is so good that it can be served as a healthy dessert. My kids eat it for lunch and think they are pulling a fast one on me. Then, there is savory butternut squash soup.  Not for dessert, but very good for a filling lunch with homemade bread on the side. This is made with onions, garlic, and other savory seasonings.

I really don’t know which one is my favorite. So, just because I am such a nice person, and because I don’t want to appear to favor either version, I am going to share instructions for both versions with you today. They are made the same  in so many steps with just a little variation in ingredients.

Getting It Done

First, cut your squash in half lengthwise and put it in the oven, skin side down, squash side up. We roast ours, but baking is fine. When you roast it, the top of it caramelizes and brings out the flavors really well.


roasted squash


For both soups.

Melt a little butter in a Dutch oven and sauté onions and either apples or pears for the sweet soup, onions and garlic and celery for the savory. Put the sautéed ingredients into a glass measuring cup or bowl and set aside.

blending soupScoop the cooked squash out of the skin. Put half of the squash and the half of the sautéed ingredients into the blender with a little of the broth. Sometimes, it takes three batches in the blender instead of two depending on the size of your blender and how much squash you have.  Pour pureed ingredients back into the pan as you finish each blender full.

For both, add more chicken broth, seasonings, cream, and sweetener (only if you’re doing the sweet.)

Heat it up until it’s hot, but not boiling. Garnish either with toasted pumpkin seeds.

And there you have it. As good as this soup is, I feel like it should take more work, or time, or be challenging in some way, but it’s not. It’s really easy, relatively quick, and one of my absolute favorites. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know which one you fix and what you think.

Have a great week,

From our kitchen,





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