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30 Years and Still Going

John and I were married August 1, 1986. Yesterday, August 1st, 2016, was our 30th wedding anniversary. I think that’s a pretty great accomplishment in this world, don’t you? John and I have had a wonderful life and I am so grateful that God brought this amazing man into my life. We have grown so much together and have been blessed with a passel of younguns.

Anniversary Outings

John always plans a special time for just the two of us to celebrate our anniversary. It is something different every year. One year we went on a weekend camping trip and spent the weekend hiking and kayaking and cooking our meals over an open fire. Two years ago we went to Amish Acres in Napanee. We attended a huge arts and crafts festival, toured a historic farm, had a harvest dinner and saw a play in the Round Barn Theater. A weekend in Chicago was our destination last year. We went to IKEA for the first time and visited LL Bean, which is John’s favorite store. We ended the weekend with a visit to Medieval Times Dinner Theater. If you have never been to one of these, it is a worth while trip. There are several of them around the United States. This year we did not go away for a weekend, but John still had a very special day planned for us that was interesting, fun, and yet relaxing.

 Oliver Mansion in South Bend

I love old houses. Always have. Something about them speaks to my soul. They have stories inside them that are so rich and beautiful. I love learning about the people that lived in them and the way they lived. It is so much more interesting than reading a history book. So, this year John found a beautiful old mansion in South Bend, Indiana, about an hour from our home, that we could tour as our anniversary outing.   It was the home of the James Oliver Family. He was a maker of  plows in the late 1800s and early 1900s. His plows solved many of the problems of plows in that day, and thus became very popular. They were sold both nationally and internationally. He became very wealthy and eventually built this mansion for his family home. We had a wonderful time touring it and the accompanying museum. It was a great day together.


Back Home

After the museums, dinner and a movie, we arrived back home. As I walked in, I was greeted by the smell of vinegar and pickling spice. Joseph was making pickled beets. Adeline needed a shower, and a story. While I was reading to her, I ended up with all of the older girls piled in my room, sitting on my bed or the cedar chest,  talking about how their day had gone. Suddenly  I remembered that it was the last day for fair entries and that Jeremiah hadn’t finished his yet. So he came in and we finished his entry form. Then the girls all decided that they wanted to do extra entries on their fair sheets.

We Are Family

Finally everyone cleared out of our room around 11:00 p.m. and I was struck with this thought. Yes, we can go out and have a wonderful day together, celebrating our 30 years of marriage, but we always come back home where we are parents again. We are parents and we are family. A family of busy, creative people who need and love each other. A family of people committed to each other. A family God has woven together. It is beautiful. We are blessed.

Another Memory

So that was our day. Another page in the storybook of our life. Beautiful pictures stored in my mind to go with it. Somehow, it seems Holy. The blessing of a life lived for our maker. Hope your today is wonderful as well. Remember that each day is a page in the story of your life. Write it well.


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