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Hello. Did you have a nice Weekend? Mine was wonderful. I did not spend it in my kitchen. In fact, I did not even spend it at my house. We went away.  My kitchen, however,  was not idle. The older boys stayed home and I am pretty sure some soap making occurred among the activities here, but I am saving that story for another time.

A Special  Road Trip

In van ready to leaveToday, I want to write about a very special weekend that we were blessed with and a very special event that is coming up. A year ago, our son, Michael, got a job out of state and moved away. He was dating a wonderful girl named Katie, and he wanted to be near her and her family so he could see them more often. He and Katie have come back here to visit us many times, and they have brought different  ones of Katie’s siblings with them each time. In this way we have been able to get to know Katie and are happy that Michael has found such a special girl. Katie’s dad also stopped in and had lunch with us once while on a business trip. we have, however, until now, never gone to visit them or met the rest of her family

A Special Event

IMG_1261This past weekend was Katie’s bridal shower. You see, she and Michael are getting married in September! It was a five hour trip to her parents’ home, but I thought we should attend this special event and meet her family if we could. I wanted to make a connection with them before the wedding. We called Michael, he made the arrangements for us, we  packed everyone up, and away we went. By the time we got there, over half of our crew had been invited to stay at Katie’s family’s house by her various siblings, so that left only a few of us to bed down at Michael’s small apartment. We had an incredible weekend. The shower was wonderful. Several of Katie’s friends and family members came and showered her with gifts and words of love and encouragement. While we were at the shower, the guys all went sailing and had a wonderful time. We met her family and became instant friends.  We spent a lovely weekend on their small farm, just relaxing and getting to know one another. The children played in the creek, gathered eggs, rode Katie’s horse, played basketball and just hung out with each other.


Farrar and Comstock families   Katie and Adeline on the horse

A Special Surprise

visit at Noah's ArkThen, after all of that, John surprised us with an exciting announcement that we could go visit the Ark Encounter before heading home if we wanted to. This received an unanimous yes. The Ark Encounter is a true to life size reconstruction of Noah’s Ark that opened July 7th. It is a walk through the three decks of the ark with exhibits that teach about creation, the fall, and the flood. It is wonderful, really. It helps bring into perspective how it was possible for eight people and all of the animals that were on board, to live through the flood and build the new world. We have been waiting for a chance to visit it but we weren’t expecting it to happen so soon.

 Home Again

Now we are home again and ready to get back to it. The yogurt I made before we left strained in the refrigerator all weekend and was like a soft cheese by the time we got back home. It was really good. I chopped a peach and mixed in some honey with about a half cup of my really thick yogurt and gave it to John for breakfast. I drank the whey and really liked it. I am looking into the health benefits of whey and researching different uses for it.  I am excited about what I am learning so far. Let me know how your week is looking.

Until next time,

From our Kitchen,



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