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Lovely Weather

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather we have been having. We took full advantage of it this past weekend when Michael and Katie came to visit. It was our first time to see Broken mini blindsthem since their wedding. When any of the kids who live far away come to visit, our house turns into Visit Headquarters. That means everyone comes here to hang out and to eat. It’s a win-win situation. We get to see everyone who lives around here but we don’t get to visit often  because of busy lives and schedules, and the kids all hang out together. The lovely weather allowed the boys to go to the park to play ball and made it possible for everyone to spread out a little and not be stuck in the house all weekend. We also had a fire both nights and enjoyed visiting outdoors after dark.

Getting Ready

In preparation for the visit, I made new curtains and throw pillows for the library/guest room. They turned out really cute. I also repaired two of the broken mini blinds. Have you ever done this? I have thrown away so many blinds in the past because too many of the slats were broken in one area, leaving big gaps when the blinds were down. I was going to purchase replacements for the two that were broken the most, but instead, John showed me how to fix them. It was super easy.

Fixing the Mini Blinds

Broken mini blindsI am going to tell you how to fix them if you want to. I am not talking about restringing the whole thing. There are tutorials on You Tube for that. I just mean closing up the gaps with those extra slats that are usually sitting at the bottom of the shade when it is lowered all the way.

First, take the blind down and lay it on a flat surface. You have to pop out the little button that sits under the bottom bar. There is a little hole with extra string and a knotted cord inside. Pull this out and untie the knot in the cord.

Next, go just above the highest slat that you want to replace, and pull the cord up through all of the slats below it. Now you can remove all of the broken slats by pulling them out through the side. Remove the extra slats at the bottom by pulling them out through the side and put them in the empty spaces where  you removed the broken ones.

Take the cord and put it back through the holes in the slats. Be sure to alternate the cord every four slats from the right to the left of the little cross strings that the slats sit on. This ensures the blinds stay in place and don’t go sliding off to the right or the left.

Mended BlindsWhen you have them all restrung, put the cord back through the hole on the bottom bar. Retie the knot, put the extra cord and string back in and replace the tabs. Rehang your blind and you are good to go.

That’s all there is to it. My husband is so smart. If you decide to fix your mini blinds, or have done so in the past, leave a comment and let me know.

That’s it for today. Have a great week. Drop me a line anytime at I’d love to hear from you.


Fix My Blinds

Here is a video I found afterward at Fix My Blinds. They offer  videos for doing many kinds of blind repair and also sell supplies. Visit their site if you are looking to repair any type of blinds.

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