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 Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are a little more leisurely than other mornings. For starters, the alarm doesn’t  go off. We are not extremely early risers any way, but the alarm still goes off most days and tells us to get up and get going. On Sundays, it is silent. We wake up as we will, more naturally. Waking up naturally means we lay in bed chatting, in no particular hurry to get up. We hear the voices in the bedroom next to ours, people scurrying back and forth to the bathroom next to our our room, and often, Adeline singing in her room. I call out Good Morning and she  answers Good Morning back. Sometimes she comes to our room and gives us morning loves. It is quite pleasant, really.

Fixing Sunday’s Breakfast

Eventually, we all manage to get dressed and make it down stairs. The only real agenda then, is to fix and eat breakfast, and be done in time for Sunday morning church. Care usually fixes breakfast for us during the week, but on Sundays, she and I have breakfast duty together. Sometimes just one of us does it and sometimes we do it together, It depends on who gets down first and what else is happening.

Sunday’s Menu

The thing that’s always consistent, or almost always consistent though, is the breakfast menu. Sunday morning is orange juice and pancakes. It might be buttermilk or sourdough. Blueberry or carob chip (like chocolate chips but without the caffeine) are not uncommon. Sometimes we will be in a waffle mood and do those for a bit, but it is always that sort of breakfast. Butter, sliced fruit, whipped cream, and honey are all favorite toppings. When we can get local maple syrup at a reasonable price, we sometimes add that.

We don’t even all eat at the same time, but as the pancakes get done, the next one is given their plate. We all kind of hover in the kitchen and dining room, visiting with one another and just enjoying a casual morning together.

Buttermilk pancakes

So today, I am going to share our Buttermilk Pancake recipe with you. These are very easy to make and Adeline likes to help. This is also a very versatile recipe. I have made them with buttermilk many times, but more often, I use our home made yogurt. I have made them with sour cream thinned down with a little milk and I have even thinned down cream cheese. Cottage cheese pureed in the blender works well too. In a pinch, you can clabber your regular milk with vinegar or lemon juice. Honestly, I’ve even made them with just regular milk. It works, but they lack the extreme fluffiness and melt in your mouth lightness that buttermilk or yogurt gives them. My point is, use what you have and you will still get a very good result.

It is hard to eat just one. My older boys will eat four and ask for more. I am not sure if that has to do more with how good my pancakes are or how much they like to put away. Sometimes, I think they are having a contest to see who can eat the most.

In The Blender

I am going to teach you how to make these in the blender because that’s the easiest way to make  them. Of course, the blender attachment on the Bosch Universal Plus is the blender of choice. You can also make them in a couple of mixing bowls. You will need a few hungry people who love pancakes, as well. I made this recipe 2X’s and it fed all 10 of us and I put some in the refrigerator. It was consumed by hungry refrigerator hunters on Sunday night.

Non Stick Griddle

I also want to talk about cooking the pancakes. We use a countertop non-stick griddle. They run $20-$40 at most department stores. John always talks about getting a large, free standing commercial one (a couple thousand dollars, easy) so we can do pancake breakfasts for everyone at family reunions in the future. Some gas stoves come with a built in or optional griddle. These work great. Cast Iron skillets also work really well. What I don’t recommend is stainless steel skillets. Stainless steel is great for sautéing veggies, it is fine for cooking meat, and it works well for omelets. It does not, however, do a good job with batters. My pancakes always stick in stainless steel no matter how much butter or pan spray I use. So, my advise is to use a griddle or cast iron skillet. OK. To the recipe.

Buttermilk Pancakes
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16 pancakes
16 pancakes
Buttermilk Pancakes
Print Recipe
16 pancakes
16 pancakes
Wet Ingredients
Dry Ingredients
Servings: pancakes
  1. Pour buttermilk into blender.
    buttermilk in blender
  2. Add eggs and oil or butter
  3. blend all of this together
Dry Ingredients
  1. Add flour, baking soda, and salt to wet ingredients in the blender. Blend well
    dry ingredients with buttermilk in blender
  2. Add baking powder and blend well again
Cook Pancakes
  1. Let the batter rest while you heat your griddle. I like to let mine rest even a little longer. 20 minutes is optimal. This lets the flour soak up the liquid until it is well saturated.
  2. Coat heated griddle with butter or pan spray.
  3. Pour batter onto griddle.
  4. cook until pancakes are bubbly on the top
    pancake with bubbles
  5. Flip and cook briefly on the other side
    flipped pancake
  6. Serve with favorite toppings.
    pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream
  7. Watch for the smiles.
    Adeline with pancakes
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Wasn’t that easy? Did you love them? Tell me in the comments below about your experience.

Thanks! and have a great day.







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