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Hello from our kitchen. I guess that’s a pretty generic way to start our blog. But really, I just want to say “Hi” and introduce us. We are the Farrar Family. There are fifteen of us. Two parents and thirteen children. Yes, I said 13. Our Baker’s Dozen. Yes, they’re all ours. Yes, there’s only one marriage. No, we don’t have twins, or triplets, or quadruplets. None were adopted.

So, welcome to our kitchen. It is a busy place. (as you can imagine) This is where we cook together, make messes and clean up together, learn together, laugh and cry together.  A lot of experimenting goes on here. Sometimes this is wonderful and sometimes it is scary. Through it all, we grow closer as a family and grow as individuals.

This blog is the story of our journey; our journey of food, family, and friends. Our journey of life in the kitchen. Here you’ll get to know different members of the family, even the ones who have moved on and have families of their own. (they are all in the kitchen pretty regularly). We’ll share some of what’s happening in here; some of what we’ve learned and are learning about food and how it has changed our thinking, our cooking, our eating, and our health. You will learn what life is really like in a large family, in our family. We hope to meet many of you also. Please share your stories and your journey with us. We want to get to know you and learn from you as well.


(for all of us)


*above picture is from the last time Johns parents came to see us while his dad was still alive