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When I shared my story on the baking day Catherine and I had together, I had multiple people ask for specifics about making hamburger buns. For years we either bought whole wheat hamburger buns from the store or we just ate hamburgers on whole wheat bread. Either is fine, really, but neither is optimal.

Whole wheat buns are so expensive. They are $3.50 – $4.00 for a package of eight where I live. When you are feeding a lot of people that can add up pretty quickly, especially when hamburger buns usually mean grilling out hamburgers, lots of other yummy things to eat and company. ALDI carried them for a while and they were a lot less expensive, but they discontinued them. Plus, store bought buns are not ever nearly as tasty or nutritous as your own wonderful, homemade, buns will be.  And secondly, its just not as fun to eat a hamburger on sliced bread and it can be pretty messy. So, I decided we were done with this nonsense and we were just going to make our own hamburger buns. Even if it took us a few tries to figure it out, we would be way ahead in the end.

As you saw in my post, Catherine did an great job on her first try and the hamburger buns turned out amazing. They were just the right size for hamburgers and were light and fluffy and oh so good. I think they were even better than the hamburgers! So I decided to give you the recipe and specific instructions. We made 24 rolls and most of those were used at a family cook out. We made 16 for this post and gave them a bit more room. Sixteen is really good for us, but if you dont need that many, you can freeze some of them. Whole wheat bread freezes really well and then you have some on hand the next time you want to grill out or if you make sloppy joes.



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